Pocket Change

Pocket Change No.1

You wanted some

Thought you could get some

Shoulda earned some

But you tried to take some

That was dumb

Keep breathing jackass

The ambulance will be here soon…

Pocket Change No.2

Equality does not equal equal

If it’s not divided equally

Pocket Change No.3


Just because you’ve loved and lost don’t mean stop lovin

If you have a nightmare, Does it mean you stop dreaming…

Pocket Change No.4

Just other day

I thought about you so hard

I blew my ice-cream…

Pocket Change No.5

It was a loud cry

When I was brought to this world

Been loud ever since

Pocket Change No.6


I wish I could whip your back

But that won’t help

Pocket Change No. 7

Hop skip jump dummy

Do that dance they like to see

But it won’t be me

Pocket Change No.8

I hear you THINKING

THINKING things to pull me down

I love anyway

Pocket Change No.9

I hear them say it

Cuss words ain’t for no lady

But sometimes shit’s real

Pocket Change No.10

Sometimes I swear

I can hear my past thundering toward me like a herd of elephants

I cover my ears and look the other way but it sitll wants to come up

Like rotten milk….

Pocket No. 11

Dis niggah done broke my hearts

Done played my tune double…time

So I sinned and sinned and sinned again

Got caught up

Gave in

Dis niggah done took my sugah

Left me a half a spoon

Can’t make no Kool-Aid from foolin’ with dat fool

Wanna get my stuff back but a nigga can’t be found

Niggahs don’t have no daytime schedule

So you never know when a niggah gon be round

Niggahs talk too loud but don’t say shit

Wanna make a niggah a man

But a niggah just don’t want it…

Pocket No.12

I didn’t dial your number

because I needed someone to talk to

Arms to lay in

Or sweet words to fill my ears

I didn’t call you because I can’t hook up my speakers

or kill the spider above my bed

I was just wondering why

the hell you haven’t called…

Pocket Change 13


I don’t understand why you try to hide our love

Love is like farting in a crowded elevator

People may not see who’s doing it

But they sure can smell it.

Pocket Change No.14

Do me

Screw me

Tease me

Please me

Freak me

Leash me

Lick me

Suck me

Oh God, where are the love songs?

Pocket Change No.15

Last night while I slept alone in our bed,

I dreamed of you

Your head was cocked to the side

And you were smiling at someone

But I couldn’t see who

I called out your name

I called out to you

I woke to the sound of your name

Pocket Change No.16

I pushed and

I grunted and

I labored and

I squeezed and

You splashed and

I cleaned and

I stood and

I flushed


I don’t even think of you now


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