Do Better – By: Sean Black

Let me start off by saying maturity is a muthafukka. Like for real! The greys are popping up around my temple so maybe the wisdom is increasing with it. I look at the Black community with much disappointment. My sister jokes that they should have a new category on applications that says, “Black (Non-nigga).” That’s one of the harshest words in the English language, but it often times is a very necessary word. To paraphrase Chris Rock I love my Black people, but I hate niggas!

You see niggas come in every race, but we always think of Black people when we use that word. Somewhere in our progression as a people we became LOST. We lost our values. We lost our morals and we lost respect for one another. I saw myself referring to women as bitches and men as niggas. I had to catch myself and re-evaluate my thinking. If you use that terminology enough that’s how we’ll view one another and it seems all too common. Not every woman is a good woman and not every man is a good man, but why do we speak of each other with such disgust? I don’t know the answer, but when you reduce someone to such low forms of existence it’s easy to hate. It’s easy to harm. It’s easy to dismiss them.

I’m sick of excuses. When I was a kid I never believed I’d see a Black president. When Obama was elected that showed me EVERYTHING is possible. We need to stop making excuses about how hard we had it. We have it better than 90% of the world. If you grew up without running water, daily meals and electricity THEN you have room to complain. I don’t know too many people from those circumstances. Opportunity is all around us. It’s what we choose to do with it. Stop making excuses and make it happen. Stop making kids all over the place. That shit is reckless. Ideally a child should be raised in a 2 parent home and see both parents everyday. That’s called family structure. We’re too accepting of the bullshit. How many guys say, “my kids know who I am.” Sorry! That’s not good enough. Paying child support and hanging out with your kids isn’t good enough. Making babies with multiple women or men out of wedlock is NOT acceptable. You’re supposed to mold your children. You’re supposed to provide guidance and build them into self-respecting, successful members of society. Do you know your child’s teacher’s name? Do you know your child’s friends? Do you talk to your child daily? If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions you’re fucking up! That’s real. I see the bi-product of poor parenting all the time and it’s sad. The moment you become a parent your focus should be on your child. You now come second. I thought that was common knowledge, but that seems to be a formula niggas can’t grasp. Our direction seems lost to me. Maybe I’m too engrossed in the club world, but I see females blatantly chasing ballas. Who raised you? Like for real! Any real man respects a woman who can provide for herself. You’re chasing celebrity and wealth that you didn’t create. I have more respect for a prostitute than a groupie. That’s real! These same women are quick to put hard working men who earn an honest living down. Somewhere we became lost. If WE DO BETTER maybe we’ll find our way back …


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