Go Hard or Go Home!

Last weekend before the weekend of all the rain I had the greatest weekend ever. Saturday was like a worldwide vacation. New York (shopping at South-park Mall Charlotte), Miami (mojitos at Rum Bar and Grill), Cuba ( Taste of Havana ) & The French Quarters (dinner at Cajun Queen) all in one day. I love my life!! And my friends.

Whenever anything really great happens to anyone in our set, Kewon says, “I’m convinced God loves us more than anyone else.” LOL! I won’t go that far, but I think there’s a special place in God’s heart for a certain batch of Charlatans and their closest friends. It’s the only way to explain the constant level of joy and laughter that is our lives.

Anyway, like 15 of us gather at the great sangria spot on Thursday to celebrate Ariel’s up and coming trip to California. Somewhere between pitcher one and pitcher ten, Kewon mentions this new Grown Folks line dance/ dance craze I’ve never heard of called the Go Hard or Go Home. He insists it tops the Electric Slide, which we all denounce as impossible. The Electric Slide is a Black folks institution like church. Can it be “topped?”

Uh, maybe.

Kewon sent me the clip of the dance. I can’t wait to get on the hardwood at a real grown folks event so I can strut through this one.

Check out the chick in the blue dress. Mama is in stilettos and not playin’ with her Mary!:

Is this better than the Electric Slide?


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