A new kind of crazy…


Mr. Conversation called me this morning, then called right back to add some additional thoughts. You can go on and guess as to what he said ‘cause I promised him I wouldn’t tell nobody.

After I ended the call…. I squealed so louuuudddddd and long, then burst into a fit of giggles. I mean doubled over, jumping around the house, clutching my body type. I know Kewon is concerned about this too-high phase of mine (as are others) but this just feels so good. I’m not thinking about nobody’s tomorrows and down the lines. I just want to enjoy this, keep this happy feeling for as long as I can. Just be in the moment and deal with the clean up and real-worldness of it all sometime later. It’ll get heavy. No doubt. But I just want to look at a cup and see it half full for awhile.


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