“The re-education of me.” Mama didn’t raise no fool, so I’m a smart girl though I don’t always act like it. Even still, this “smart-ness” always helps me figure out (after the fact) when, where and why I started to travel down paths which will eventually lead to my extreme frustration.Anyhoo, my word of the day is EFFORT. A relationship does NOT work without this being actively exercised by BOTH participating parties. Not saying that relationships can’t exist without it (because the existence of a relationship without it is what has led to this long rant) but without DUAL EFFORT, in my world, they’re bound to fail.I have learned a few things in the past couple of weeks.
Allow me to share:
No. 1:
I’ve spent a lot of time putting in EFFORT to prove to someone what should already be crystal-clear: I am a 10, perfect in all my imperfectness and in a total, always growing and developing, package. While it is important for a man to know that the shorty he is dealing with is a “10,” as they say, it is also important for a woman NOT to exercise all of her dime qualities too soon. Save the sincerities, kindness, affections and home cooked meals for after HE has put in EFFORT and shown that he is worthy of your “ten-ness.” If he’s smart, he should understand that 10 is only the tip of the iceberg. 100 is only a hop, skip, jump and maybe a few sprints, around the corner and down the block—if he puts in the EFFORT.

No. 2
Do NOT excuse what is unacceptable. For example, you say, “honey, you know I love spending time with you and coming over to your apartment is fine but we’re going to have to spend some time at my place as well.” Lover Boy responds: “yes honey, I know and, I will.” This of course never happens because he always has a wide variety of excuses as to why his apartment is more convenient. If you give him an inch, he will take it all the way to the goal line. Block that BS before it gets past center circle.

No. 3
Do NOT settle for unacceptable behavior because you love him or brother is fine or you don’t want to be lonely or the, sex is amazing or you love his family, etc. This s the golden rule that we always KNOW is true but sometimes takes us forever to incorporate. By settling, I compromise my worth and at a certain point HE must realize (and if he’s the A/B combo he’ll already know) that it’s going to take some EFFORT to not only get me, but to keep me.

P.S.Lover Boy just hit me up and says – –  Well Camron, why don’t you ever show me that you are interested in getting to  know me!!! I’m tempted to respond back to him with one single word….say it with me, EFFORT!


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