Sucks to be you right now!!

Okay everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE BEYONCE…..I’m an adult Beyonce Groupie (don’t judge me)!

Anyway I would like to dedicate this song to………..You , You, and O’ Yea……You over there 🙂


5 responses to “Sucks to be you right now!!

  1. i was going to comment, but i won’t put you on blast!

    ya lil blog is hot though i’ll give you credit for that!

  2. “I use to want you so bad” but i’m thru with that….and you turned out to be the best thing i never had”……

    that line says it all……

  3. I don’t have a Facebook.. used to have MySpace, but someone managed to copy all my pics, posted them on her space and assumed my identity. It was a bizarre coincidence that she was discovered. The thief and I happened to have a common ” friend”.

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