Think Like A Man (feat. Chris Brown) …..NOT!

Ladies, I think we need to have a real talk with Tim Story, the director of “Think Like a Man,” the upcoming film (April 2012) based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling relationship advice guide, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” IMDB describes the movie as, “A self-professed relationship expert [Kevin Hart] who is quick to give advice to his crew of friends, even as his own marriage heads toward divorce.” So far, the studio has been stacking the odds of success in their favor with a roster of actors that includes heartthrob Michael Ealy, Black romantic comedy staple Gabrielle Union, and Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson. On Sunday, the studio announced that it had completed casting, adding two final names to the line up: It Girl LaLa Vazquez… and Chris Brown?

Brown is a competent actor, as demonstrated in “This Christmas” (my favorite holiday movie) and the action-flick “Takers.” And despite his career setback after “The Incident,” he’s unquestionably back on top, evidenced by his latest album, “F.A.M.E,” debuting at number one on the charts (a first for Brown) and selling an astounding 270,000 copies in its first week. His “Today” show appearance last Friday drew a record-breaking crowd of 18,000, surpassing the record set by Lady Gaga last year. (I’ve seen Brown perform live twice. Amazing.) I totally understand why his bankable-again name would flutter across a director’s mind for a project. But I don’t get why he would be offered a role in “Think Like a Man,” a big-screen extension of a brand about helping women find a mate who honors, respects, and appreciates them. Chris Brown is still seen as one of the last people who represents that ideal.

I hate to bring up old ish, but I must. Chris Brown beat Rihanna until she was bruised and bloody. He’s apologized profusely, done his community service, completed his anger management classes and diligently worked his butt off for a second chance. I respect the way he’s working hard to rebuild his image, but when it comes to relationships, he’s still very much under construction. Unfortunately, Breezy remains the reigning poster boy for anger mis-management (throwing the chair at a “Good Morning America” window in March didn’t help), and he’s equally known for his talents on the stage as he is for busting up his girlfriend in a car two years ago. It will be near impossible for women to take Brown seriously in whatever role he plays in this film and to disassociate him from his complicated previous relationship.

I respect Story’s decision to add as much Black star power as possible to the project. He needs to get people, especially Black ones, excited about the movie and to the theater on opening weekend. But I hope Story knows there are many women who may not find the humor in a romantic comedy featuring a man whose past includes leaving a woman black and blue. By building buzz for his film, he may also be burning bridges.


12 responses to “Think Like A Man (feat. Chris Brown) …..NOT!

  1. I see your point and I believe we are all en***led to our opinions but thats why its called ACTING! you dont really portray the person that you are in real life. We’ve seen Denzel Washington portray a dirty cop doesnt mean that he is a liar and drug dealer in real life… I do get the fact that some people may have a hard time coming to grasps with the whole Chris Brown incident and moving on from what he did but when Rihanna decided to let go and move on so did I… I mean why are we so dead set on coming down so hard on him when the one person who has all the right in the world to do so has decided to let it go??

  2. Errr no. It’s called ACTING like someone else said. And besides, you need to be more outraged that people will probably support this film who has Steve Harvey behind it — a man who exploit black women’s pocket book with his empty advice. He is the last person I want to hear from, considering he’s on his third marriage. And FYI: And just because a film has a load of star power, doesn’t mean it will be a home run. This prevents great character development. If you don’t believe me, check out Valentine’s Day. Major flop.

  3. Agree with comments 1 & 2…and what people fail to realize here is that when you are in a CAR–driving said car and someone starts hitting you–as Rihanna supposedly did, what do you do? Do you hit them back or ignore it and risk having a fatal accident? While I think that Chris Brown ‘snapped’ during that whole incident, and while I don’t condone ANYONE hitting ANYBODY–not just men not hitting women, people have a right to defend themselves. It was ONE incident and clearly C. Brown has moved on. He and Rihanna are talented and have great careers and success ahead of them. They’ve moved on and we should too.

  4. please don’t attempt to justify physical abuse. you were not there to ascertain what happened. what we do know is that Rihanna was beat pretty badly, this is the only fact we have.

    and like it was stated previously by the writer, he deserves a right to move on, but this is not the strategic move. it doesn’t blend with his brand. whoever is working on his team shouldn’t have even let him take this project on, knowing he still is not favorable in the relationship light with many people (although it appears people that comment here are over it, others not so much!

  5. I think that the message of this post is the fact that you have a known woman abuser doing a movie that is supposed to be about building healthier relationships! It’s not about Chris Brown’s redemption (although, in my opinion, he deserves none because he still throws tantrums that clearly show he DOES have issues that he won’t address but rather play victim and cry about). It’s about blatantly shoving BS down our throats!

    If Casey Anthony did a Disney movie remake of “Mother Goose”, would anyone want to see it? No one is saying that Chris Brown can never perform, sing, entertain again in ANY capacity; this article asks, “Is he the right person to star in a “big-screen extension of a brand about helping women find a mate who honors, respects, and appreciates them”?” He’s NOT!

  6. As much as I can say that I am over the whole “situation” with Chris Brown, I can not get with this. I like his music, but if he is going to be in a movie aimed at telling women what to do in relationships, I just can’t. Just on GP, I will not go see this movie if he’s in it.

  7. agree with this blog go CamronZoe (although I think you are overly generous in describing Chris Brown’s so-called redepmtion).

    The fact of the matter is that Steve Harvey’s book and I would ***ume the movie is supposedly intended to help women succeed in relationships. Whether it actually does that is up for debate but the intent is supposed to be informative and inspirational not just for pure entertainment. Chris Brown is not an appropriate choice to be cast in any sort of role as a positive example of a Black man in a relationship. Now if he is playing a woman beater then I guess I can’t argue with him as a choice.

    There are countless young Black actors that could have been cast and would send a better and healthier message. I probably won’t see this movie now knowing he is in it, unless he has a very small role. But judging by how so many Black women pathetically jump at the pportunity to excuse his abuse and even go so far as to conjure up reasons why Rihanna deserved to get beat up I’m probably in the minority.

    Kudos to you Camron for having the guts to say what many people are thinking and what should be said!

  8. Just let it go already!!!!! Let that boy move on with his life! He is super talented.. his personal life should have nothin to do with his music or acting career!

  9. Why wont people let Chris move on, if you keep brining it up, it will stay in the media’s eyes. Nothing else has been reported on Chris doing any other acts, so as far as I’m concern he’s redeemed. You who keep bringing it up may push something into reality that would have otherwised been squashed.

    I can see in Chris’s acting he’s quick to blow a fuse, this being said, don’t push the button.

    Rihanna is not innocent by any means. Just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you should push a man to the place where he looses all control. You the woman should be mindful enough to know when to back off. There’s a time an place for everything. Sometimes women just need to shut up.

    I do feel for her physical pain, but that’s as far as it goes.

    As far as the movie goes, I don’t think Chris is the right person for a lead role in this type of movie only because he hasn’t had enough life experiences. If he’s playing a failed relationship than that would be appropriate. I’m not feeling G. union either.

    I do think Steve is an appropriate person to write his book, 3rd time is the charm. He’s done enough to know what does and does not work. Because his life is headed in a new direction that he’s not ashame to profess daily to any and everyone, he advice should be sound – from what I’ve heard thus far it is.

  10. Chris Brown is not a child – he’s an adult.
    This isn’t about tearing a Black man down (he’s done a fine job of it himself).
    The Bible speaks of forgiveness and it also supports slavery. You can’t pick and choose scriptures – it’s an entire book.
    Michael Vick apologized, got his act together and is showing behavior to in***ate that he would never do what he did again.

    This article is simply saying that he wasn’t the best selection for the job, for OBVIOUS reasons. It’s seriously sad how sexism is so embedded into some people’s psyches that some women are willing to make men into martyrs without thinking of the effects that it will have on future generations.

  11. Thank you so much for writing this article! I thought some of the same things when I found out he was supposed to be in this movie. I do not really buy into Mr. Harvey giving relationship advice, so I was not sold on the movie in the first place. Now that Chris Brown is going to be in the film, it has lost all credibility in MY eyes. I’m so tired of hearing “get over it,” “let he that is without sin cast the first stone,” etc. It is this type of thinking that has a lot of our people left behind. Forgiveness is great; but do not be foolish enough to forget. I’m all with the guy trying to get some type of “normalcy” in his life, if that is even possible. Still, adding him to this type of film was poor judgment. CB in “Takers”, fine. CB in a relationship movie, nope.

  12. I will start by saying that I didn’t read anyone’s response and I may repeat what has been previously said, and for that….I do apologize.

    But I will say this and go back to my bad of which I’ve gotten very close to over the past 8 weeks or so (long story, not enough line). As stated before, I hate Steve Harvey, i think he’s a fraud (not on the Tyler Perry level, but again, another blog) however he wrote this book. So to have a flawed man star in this movie only seems to fit the standard that Harvey represents. Chris Brown is human and has shown to millions that forgiveness is a word that carries extreme weight. If portrayed correctly, this could be a great role for the blond one.

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