Why Don’t You Love Me?


Why Don\’t You Love Me Video


I watched “Why Don’t You Love Me?”, Bey’s Solange-written addition to the I Am… Sasha Fierce re-release, and loved it.

For those of you who can’t view the Melina Matsoukas and Bee Z (aka Bey) directed video at work or on phones, a recap (via Billboard):

Beyoncé dresses up like a naughty ’50s housewife… Perhaps paying homage to her recent “Telephone” and “Videophone” collabos with Lady Gaga, Beyoncé cries, drinks and chain smokes her way through this one, sporting sexy, Bettie Page-inspired looks all throughout. The video begins with her character, the aptly-titled “B.B. Homemaker,” reading a car manual and performing a greasy tuneup while rocking Daisy Dukes and red stilettos.

“I got beauty, I got class/I got style and I got ass,” she later contends to her deadbeat lover, while sipping a cocktail and French-inhaling a cigarette. The fantasy-laden imagery hardly ends there, though, as it’s followed by shots of sequences of Beyoncé gardening, scrubbing floors, baking cookies, and and dusting her mantlepiece, which is covered with many, many Grammys.

Her dominatrix costume at the end admittedly screams “Rated R”-era Rihanna, but Beyoncé’s shamelessly campy performance — complete with boatloads of running mascara — is generously refreshing. In the end, she surmises, “There’s nothin’ not to love about me/Maybe you’re just not the one/Or maybe you’re just plain dumb.”


I like Bey best when she steps out of her cookie-cutter, Stepford-wife image and gets a little more edgy and real. But I learned a long time ago to love Bey I can’t look for depth. Just enjoy the shaking, glitter/ bedazzle/ rifting and hair swinging for what it is and move on. It’s candy.


I think this is way more of an artistic feminist statement than she has EVER made before. I like the way the housewife archetype is played out. It plays at the damned if you do, damned if you don’t struggle many women face. Why don’t you love me – I make it so easy to love me as Suzzie Homemaker and you still don’t love me? I’ve got Grammys up the wazoo (I love that she was dusting them) and work hard for mine… Why don’t you love me? I try to be your everything…why don’t you love me?

I think it’s a dope video. She’s still naked, but at least I can muster up a reason this time. I hope she doesn’t come out and try to explain the artistic merits of it though. Leave that to whoever came up with the concept.


For whatever Beyonce lacks in depth, she has an indisputable ability to tap into the cultural zeitgeist of what women are thinking/ feeling. We are bombarded constantly with expectations of what makes us a “good” woman or better, a marriageable woman— be educated, work and earn, look like a King model, lower expectations, raise standards, know how to nurture and support and cater to their man and cook, and be a good mother. Oh, and ‘fuck me like a porn star. On command.’ It’s a lot to live up to. And the women who actually try to live up to the hype and fail? Well, it’s easy to see how they could end up like Bey Bey here, messy and teary and spilling the drink all over the place.

Who knew Bey could go this deep?


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