The Truth

there are truths in this life, that I guess we sometimes don’t want to face.

weaknesses that we know we have.
qualities that need some assistance.

broken records that keep playing the same damn verse.

i’ve known for so long my weaknesses.
I figured it out a long time ago.

I guess I thought TIME would make me stronger, but in reality .. time doesn’t always heal things or make things better on its own.
there are certain things in this life, that need full service of the heart, mind & soul.

changes need to be made, by no one else but myself.

the truth hurts ..

but especially when you have no control over it, other than to close up &; put protection walls around something you thought people would appreciate.
I guess not everyone was taught the same? I guess not everyone treasures the same things …

I guess we all have our work cut out for us.

this life, is just a test ..

so, whose passing? cause damnitĀ i’m not!